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Meditation and COVID-19 Era

Posted on: March 30, 2020

Since these are some crazy times we are living. I mean, the things we’re dealing with in addition to love, family, career…where do I begin: Extreme Politics, Coronavirus, Nutty Weather, Financial Downturns, Elections and No Touching!?! No one has the luxury of knowing how long this will last, nor when these multi-crisis situations will cease. We do have control over one thing, our attitude and for many of us we also have control over the immediate environment we create.

Melted_CandleCreate a relaxing environment with 2 powerful and cleansing elements: fire + smoke. Light sage, a candle or incense daily and drop into your zen zone!

We would all like to have more predicability in our lives. With this virus we’re challenged to plan our future. How do we make decisions that need to be made around: family, health, finances, housing, career and traveling with so many unknown variables? The answer, is you. The answers are within you when you’re in a listening state of mind, you’ll be able to understand your body’s wisdom and hear the answers.

You do have the answers in you, and yet there may be layers upon layers of sh*t between you and those answers. Identifying the right style of meditation can help you cut through those layers and get past the useless thought patterns and dive into knowing where your wisdom and intuition lays.

Only you retain the answers to your deepest questions about your life. Stop looking externally for it. Begin asking the most important questions you have, to yourself.                No amount of nature, movement, nor meditation changes the fact that we’re living in a stressful and unprecedented time, AND perhaps there is an amount of nature, breath work, yoga, dance and/or meditation that can help us process the noise?!

Regardless of where you stand in our current events, there’s something that rings true for every single human on this planet: We live in a noisy world filled with uncertainty, so quieting the mind isn’t easy when you begin the process of meditation (self discovery). It is a process and it is worth it! YOU are worth it.  Imagine in the face of stress, you feel an inner trust and connection to your intuition that instantly soothes you.

Scientific studies demonstrate when practicing a meditation that’s right for you, negative stimuli can be stopped from turning into stress. Meditation can stop the stress from wreaking havoc on our nervous system. When the nervous system is taxed, the body can display any number of symptoms from rashes and psoriasis, to head, back and stomach aches, to cancer.

We all know the inundation of news and notifications well. We understand the effects that media has on our subconscious. To what extent are we acknowledging that these translate to our health?

I would like to invite you to explore the topic of conditioning. How might you tend to allow ‘normal’ mainstream coping mechanisms like: T.V., alcohol, THC, zanex, oversleeping, and over social mediaING penetrate your wellbeing?

When we take accountability for what may have been going on under the surface of our awareness, we have the opportunity to embrace our true autonomy. We can then create a healthier, more authentic perspective.

* Your attention is Everything *

What we focus on, grows. Have you noticed? The moment that you finally put your attention on that exciting creative project, your relationship, your meditation  –  it grows and improves.

It works the same way with negative facets of your life! If you put your attention on your stress, it grows. If you put your attention on drama, expect more drama. If you put your attention on the world coming to an end, expect to receive more proof of that happening.

I don’t need to remind you that stress strains your nervous system and puts you in a vulnerable state both emotionally and physically – compromising your immune system. When the stress hormones take over, your body prioritizes your survival functions and has less time to heal or build up immunities.

Our brains are trained through attention. Over the decades, by numerous entities, our brains have been trained to pay attention to the stress, potential danger, thus, the negative stuff. If this weren’t true, then the negative news statistics simply would not be what they are.

Ultimately this is good news. If we trained the brain to worship the negative, we can retrain it to worship the positive. Right? Yes, it is absolutely possible.

And it’s simple by nature. It comes down to attention, every time. I invite you to quiet the space around you and ask yourself, ‘what am I letting absorb my attention?’ ‘What would make me feel good or even incredible to focus on?’ Do it daily and lessen or delete the anxiety provoking attention suck for at least a week and take note of the shift in your quality of thoughts and feelings.

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