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Do This When Problems Overwhelm You

Posted on: October 4, 2020

We find ourselves in situations that are often times not ideal and sometimes feel overwhelmed by challenges in life. Here is how to plan strategically and rationally for the situation you find yourself in.

Problems can be divided into THREE categories:

  1. Things you can fix,
  2. Things you have to put up with
  3. Things you should walk away from

Take each challenge that faces you individually and one at a time write down which category it falls into. The majority of people compound their worries through procrastination and indecision.

We as humans dither between putting up with issues, fantasizing about running away from them, and trying to fix them in a reactionary, unmindful way. Slow it down with a more inward approach first. Replace negative thoughts with positive with a gratitude journal. Once you’re clear in your mind and connected to your intuition (your heart). Pick one strategy from the three above, then stick to it.

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