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JAMA Yoga Teacher Training

Four Weeks That Last A Lifetime

San Diego, California, Fall 2016
HOME STUDY – September 10st- 30th, 2016
PRACTICUM – October 10 thru 24th, 2016
Nicole has developed a unique training system designed to inspire and enrich lives based on ancient yoga practices, self development, and movement meditation. Her intention is to enable people to teach with a relaxed connection, shining in their unique brilliance. This training is an inquiry into becoming the very best person and instructor one can be in a Journey Around Moving their Asana (JAMA yoga dance meditation). 

movement-mediationIn this training, you will find yourself surrounded by diverse people from all walks of life. We have an inclusive and open format for discussion as every person in the course offers something to teach from their life experience.  There is true support throughout the training and after you graduate! JAMA Yoga graduates can take this training system into diverse professional fields ~ yoga, dance, nursing, bodywork, counseling, and corporate environments.

* Module I (100hr online in home study)
September 10th – 30th, 2016
* Module II (100hr practicum in San Diego)
October 10 – 24th, 2016

This one of a kind online and practicum program gives training videos and modules to pass for the first 100hrs. We then offer a fun-loving informative supervised practical application of the previously studied theory that’s hands on for 100+hrs.

*This program is an internationally recognized JAMA yoga dance Teacher Training.


Graduation ceremony; Official JAMA yoga dance certificate, mala beads, Jubilee Essential oils to use while teaching, professional head shots, website development assistance, JAMA instructor tank tops, stickers included w/ price of TT) (Professional Music designed for teaching classes; $20 received on a bamboo usb stick)

Module 1 (100 online hours of basic Ashtanga and Vinyasa Sanskrit asanas, Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology, Sequencing, Hx& Theory of Yoga, Safety alignment & adjustment)

Module 2 (100 practicum hours)
7am-3pmISH AM/PM workshops which we do immediate combined teaching and sharing of best practices
12hrs (7-9pm) 6 x 2hr evening workshops)

Yoga & Dance History= JAMA (where this journey came from & is headed)
Rhythm & Musicality
Teaching techniques (Authentic voice, sequencing, bell curve,)
Building sequences, class structure (theme, counter balancing, choreography priority)
Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology
YOGA (alignment, cuing, benefits)
DANCE (cuing, sequencing, group involvement)

In depth study and embodied analysis of the chakra system as it relates to yoga, music, and JAMA yoga dance.
Breathwork, chanting, toning and using one’s natural, authentic voice.
Self Mentoring and the Art of Practice Teaching.
Using the applied yamas&niyamas to design, deliver and recap your own JAMA yoga dance class.
The business of marketing and promoting yourself.

Application Process and Checklist;
Once you’re ready to apply, email w/ subject; JAMA yoga dance Teacher Training. You’ll be sent the application.
You’ll need to:
* Share your desire and why behind wanting to partake in JAMA yoga dance RYT200 TT
* Gather reference requirements and submitting your application at
* Pass the mandatory professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy, (there are practice materials available to help you do this if English is a second challenging language for you).
* Finalize your funding if you’ve been accepted

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