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Playfully Navigate Life’s Journey

Posted on: July 4, 2020

Focused on playfully navigating life’s journey VS hardening to it. Our inevitable challenging fate we humans have in these bodies is not an easy one.

Do you take time to check in with yourself?
When I do self check-in’s I can ID my mental and a physical state of being. THIS helps me maintain a high vibration AND it helps me quickly address when I’m off.

WHY not magnify the + good vibes and address the – bf they burrow too deeply?✨

CARVE TIME to ask, ‘how am I feeling?’ ‘Why am I feeling this way?’ Do a body scan. There is always an answer.

Address the answer by asking, ‘what can I do now to take small steps toward my goals?’

✨IF you USE your body’s wisdom it will guide you like an internal compass. It’s your heart’s magnetic field vibrating thru your body, sending loud and clear signals.

It will never lie WHEN we quiet the space around us and offer it space and time to communicate.

Keep practicing check ins. After years, I’m now able (in just a few seconds) to know how I’m doing and what I’m going to about it. ❤️

By taking time to check-in I either; address it, expand on it, or shut it down all together.

Check-in’s help me stay healthy thru life’s journey.

✨Sharing my experiences while sending love + light to you ✨I hope you feel the LUV✨

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