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Learn Pure Beach Fit

Beach Fit – Pre-Pay

$210.00 $69.00

JOIN US starting in the New Year, January 1st, 2018
Mon. + Wed. @ 7am,
Sat. @ 9am

A different workout routine that will keep you burning calories all day by training w/ resistance-bands, circuits, plyometrics, yoga and body-weight. We give you an exciting range of strengthening, stretching, balance, and core exercises. All levels welcome! Don’t be intimidated, we provide modifications and plenty of breaks. Some days, you feel like ‘beast mode’ or taking it easy, the choice is yours.

Product Description

Beach Fit – Pre-Pay Yoga Boot Camp for January 2018

This is one month pre-pay for 14 sessions at Learn Pure Boot Camp @ Del Mar Dog Beach

Mon + Wed @ 7am

Sat @ 9am

$15 drop-in, $210 per month

$5 session pre-pay, $69 unlimited per month

By registering for this Beach Boot Camp, you’re signing this waiver;


I am aware that learn pure is here to serve me by sharing knowledge of


yoga and health. By my participation with learn pure sessions or classes,


I agree to take full responsibility for not exceeding my limits with any


exercise and fitness affiliated with Learn Pure, including


any injury I might suffer in or after the practice of


yoga with learn pure. It is my responsibility to ascertain that there is


not medical reason to prevent my participation. I hereby waive any claim,


law suit, or complaint that I might have at any time from injury of any


sort against learn pure, or any person or entity in any involved


therewith. I release any medical conditions or injuries caused from this boot camp. I have read carefully this release and fully understand and in purchasing this I agree to the above.




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