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Palm  Springs Retreat with Ceremony

Palm Springs Retreat


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Palm Springs Oasis Retreat + Ceremony

You’re invited to apply to attend a weekend (3 day) all inclusive retreat. Welcome to a Deep Dive Journey experience in Palm Springs September, 2021. Email me and I’ll send you a short get-to-know-you application to ensure that we’re all on a similar path of adventure and self growth.

We currently are on hold with the exact dates this Fall 2021. Please contact us if you’re interested in this retreat and ceremony.


Check in Friday 5pm at Palm Springs Retreat. Check out Sunday 2pm.
On an exclusive property with beautiful pool at the foothills of gorgeous mountains, you will explore multiple types of oasis hikes, meditation, yoga, and hip hop dance playshops. Your host Nicole will share a ‘sampler platter’ of playshops and meditations for you to discover new ways to experience this world.

There are a series of playshops that lead up to a powerful Mushroom Tea Ceremony. This is an exclusive retreat in that we will learn new, easier ways to process stress. We will reinforce your great lifestyle habits and reset the negative lifestyle choices (this includes: negative self talk, one too many social drinks, hitting snooze one too many times, etc.).

This is done through playful workshops, enJOYING new meditation styles, yoga, movement meditation, and Ceremony.

We will meditate in ways (you most likely have not experienced). As host, my goal is for you to walk away with the exact meditation style that’s ideal and custom for you to take into your daily practice. Meditation is easy when you choose the style that is best suited for you at this particular time in your life.

Additionally, you’ll deep dive into a playful yoga practice, and learn fun dance moves you can do anywhere with ease. Another workshop that is included/ offered, is non-violent communication which has been known to change lives.

IN every culture, including our Western culture, we live with limiting beliefs. If you’re invited to come to a Learn Pure retreat, this means you’re ready to release self-limiting beliefs and FULLY stand in our power to receive unconditional love.

We can do this when we Reconnect, Energize, + Grow our attention to the energetic currents IN our body and in our thoughts.

The beauty of the Palm Dessert retreat surroundings and the alchemy of the group, are sure to create an experience of transformation and freedom!

The weekend will be powerful. Now is the time to experience; digital detox, physically detox, and . . . experience break throughs in your area of focus: anxiety, procrastination, communication, relationships, community, finance, or spiritual, mental and physical health.

Lay pool side, enjoy oasis hikes, spa, rest, and/or read. Your cell phone will hopefully not be in your hand much (there is internet if need be, although not encouraged).


  • All healthy meals are prepared for you (farm to table or organic vegan, and gluten-free)
  • Daily workshop offerings are included (Yoga, Meditation, Mind Reset, and Dance playshops) by Nicole Barrote, RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Dance Instructor/ Performer
  • A TEDx talk live, by an inspired guest speaker Laura Ratto, PhD Psychology


~$1050 Regular Price 3 Day Experience

~$975 Sale Price 3 Day Experience if purchased before December 2020

Option for private room upgrade if available. Transportation is offered from San Diego for an upgrade. We leave Friday 3pm San Diego and return Sunday after 4pm.

PayPal Processing Fees will be absorbed by organizer. If a refund is needed, retreat goer will absorb Learn Pure’s PayPal fees 3 months prior the event. Otherwise, if a last minute cancellation occurs, a credit is given toward anything Learn Pure related (product/ service). There is no expiration date for a Learn Pure credit.

An oasis Learn Pure Retreat

An oasis Learn Pure Retreat

Palm Springs Retreat with Ceremony

Palm Springs Retreat with Ceremony

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