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Unleash your private practice’s untapped potential in the

Unleash your private practice’s untapped potential in the GOLD Tier.

A Unique Merger of Peak Performance Coaching to Reset Your Private Practice.

  • Bring in new patients
  • Increase established patient visits
  • Increase retail sales
  • Establish an online presence (which reflects your in-person customer service and professionalism)
  • Global – reaching you no matter where you are located
  • Private sessions scheduled to suit your schedule and timezone
  • Exclusive Learn Pure 3-step Reset Your Private Practice Business 
  • Connect via whatever technology you prefer – flexibility for sessions to be conducted via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, video and/or voice.
  • Free introductory session for new clients

    GOLD Tier:

    *Silver, plus;

    *Monthly Staff Q + A Coaching to ensure team members follow up w/ consistent social media *posting + reviews + referrals

    *In-Person Team Training (FB stories,  Customer Service and Communication Training, etc.)

    *Cause Marketing Products + Cause Marketing Training 

    *Quarterly Staff Integrity Sales Training via Skype or Zoom 

    Nicole Barrote

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