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Relax Me Roll-on (lavender + jojoba)


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Product Description

Relax Me Roll-On 10ml (organic lavender and jojoba oil) is pure RELAXATION….ahhhhh

Uses; Head Aches, Tension relief, Migraine onset, energetic clearing and grounding.  :)
This product is best for; relieving stress, headache, relaxing muscles and aromatherapy. 
Directions: Roll on yoru pressure points; primarily your wrists, rub the rists together and take a deep cleansing breath into your wrists. Roll on your temples, under ears and on chest. Use generously. This product will last a year if used daily.
Migranes & Head Aches – I used this product when a friend noticed I was starting w/ a migraine–seeing stars–eyes were out of focus. I rubbed it on my temples and under my nose and within 15 minutes I was cured. This is amazing!! Tiffany from NYC
Specifically when carrying stress in the shoulders and neck muscles, you need a topical oil that can work. When rolled topically, Relax Me deeply penetrates your olfactory senses to help relieve stress. Relax Me is a healthier, more natural alternative to aspirin or aspirin-type products. (1oz Organic Lavender Jojoba oil)
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