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Right Teacher

Posted on: November 26, 2015

“Sample” different teachers to see what’s out there, it’s like relationships hit or miss! You may have to have some awful experiences before you find your a favorite fit! Whether you are an advanced practitioner in Yoga, Fitness or Dance…. or just beginning your journey, you should set expectations high (have fun and feel confident as your practice/fitness level is being expanded)!

Choosing an instructor is a personalized thing so hone in on the club, or style you like. IF you don’t have one do the “sampler platter” technique.This consists of new experiences and different classes than your used to. It’s great because you may be surprised when you take a paddle board yoga class, or a martial arts session and have a BLAST, or a quiet internal moment of realization! You might just find that magical teacher-student-class connection that you didn’t expect. Go for it, gather diverse perspectives and discover an instructor (and class) that fits you like the partner you’ve always wanted! It’s worth putting the time in and having patience.

If you value reaching complete comfort in challenging moves then look for a slower paced beginner/intermediate class. If you like the instructor,don’t be shy in asking in the beginning of class for more attention or alignment. If it’s in the budget – see if there is a private class is available because this means you can improve that much faster w/ the hands on personalized attention.
A great fitting teacher helps you;
1- feel amazingly alive, part of a tribe/ community,
2- helps you discover your instinctual and natural movements
3- makes you feel appreciated, aligned and improved; physically, mentally or emotionally (or on all 3 levels)!

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