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Sleepless Spring

Posted on: November 24, 2015

Sleepless Spring? 3 techniques to be restful + fall asleep

BlkWhPeacefl_s1If you find yourself sleepless this Spring – feel better rested by choosing from an assortment of meditation techniques. Try different methods until you find one that works for you. With practice, you can eventually and slowly choose your thoughts and create a more restful sleep.

Imagine it’s 3am and sleep is much desired – in one way or another we’ve all tried affirmation thoughts like; “I’s 3am, now I will fall asleep” “I will fall ASLEEP now”, “I will fall asleep NOW”, “NOW I WILL FALL ASLEEP!” ahhhh. Yeah, I tried that for years and it left me frustrated and wide awake.

When thoughts creep into your head that are not conducive to sleep, first of all give yourself a pat on the back for noticing that you’ve gone there, (becoming aware your mind is taking you down the wrong path is the first step). If (when) mind wondering happens, immerse yourself in 1 grateful thought specific to your life. Imagine loving yourself exactly as you are. Then proceed with meditation:

Follow these THREE TECHNIQUES and try each style (more than once) before thinking they may not work for you:

1) MEMORY TECHNIQUE – Lay in a comfortable position with eyes closed (hopefully that’s a given). Project yourself to your ideal place of relaxation; beach, mountain, lake, your comfy bed, etc. Imagine experiencing all the senses of your ideal place; are there any distinct smells, any tastes, what do you feel on your skin, etc.?

2) BREATHING TECHNIQUE – Take 3 deep cleansing breaths as you slowly repeat “relax” 3 times to yourself. (Take note of your breath and concentrate on the natural airflow of you body – you will go deeper into relaxation.)

3) COUNTDOWN TECHNIQUE – Count to yourself from 25 down to 1. Your body releases to gravity with every count, you consciously slow your breath down by constricting the area of the throat you gargle with. You feel a deeper level of relaxation (which can sometimes be more restful than deep sleep).

You have the choice to sleep better. If you practice these techniques, you can harness the power of your mind to achieve not only your mental, spiritual, and physical goals but your SLEEP goals! zzzzzzzzzzen I hope that you fall asleep in a great state of mind and much faster by focusing on the way that you think and what you think about. At the very least, you will be as relaxed as you can be in bed – meditating! How you think affects how u feel, how u feel affects your health.

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