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How to cultivate calmness

Cultivate Calmness + Pease Within

I believe you have everything you need inside of you, and in your surroundings (mother nature), to build resilience, feel whole and live a life that you’re excited about. It’s a privilege to be human (it took millions of years to get this large brain of ours) and yet we’re suffering from our own intelligence. We have a complex brain with imagination and memory which could very well be our demise as we tend to get stuck in; imagining reality worse that it really is, and holding memories that don’t serve us. :)

Look at people who have suffered from their failure vs learned from their failure. People can carry this suffering forward as they cannot forget it and when they imagine their future it’s imagined with painful experiences. Self fulfilling prophecy occurs and the cycle of suffering continues. These people are emotionally torturing themselves with two fantastic intellectual tools that help separate humans from other animals.

Memory and imagination can bring wonderment, bliss, and manifestation. Imagination and memory can also be a curse if we use it against ourself. It is up to us. We do have control of our attitude, thoughts and behavior.

Having life challenges is normal and expected as challenges are part of life’s journey. It’s how we deal with these issues that gives us quality of life and calmness.

Generally life is about management of our emotions, our emotional intelligence. This arguably is the most important aspect of life. This society deems material possessions and power as successful, yet what’s important when we transition out of this world? Are we wanting material possessions or calm peace of mind? Do people on their death beds look back on their life and wish they had more money or happiness?! It is calmness and happiness.

We have the honor of being able to look at our lives right now and make decisions that alter how we live, think, and LOVE. What you think effects your body. Equally your actions effect your body, thoughts and feelings. They all typically go hand in hand.

There are no shortcuts, nor magic pills, but IF it would be helpful, I can support you, your organization, or someone you know who wants more calm and happiness in this journey. I can provide some useful tools and resources for you if you’re needing a little or a lot of extra support right now. In life there are many times when we feel like things are against us.

What we want to remember is that the Universe is conspiring for us, not against us. Even when you feel utterly lonely you’re still breathing yes? You are still consuming water/ food? Yes? Then your existence is constantly engaging and interacting in the Universe, with the Universe. This is interaction and relationship at it’s very root.

There are transactions that are still happening even when we feel alone, these transactions are subtle and great in your life. It is a matter of perspective and shifting focus. I fully acknowledge that painful challenges will come in and out of out lives, we must accept this as part of the human condition and see what we can learn from these inevitable challenges. Choosing to see the positive interactions in our life DOES NOT always COME NATURALLY.

  • Less consumerism helps. We came into the world with nothing and we die with nothing. IN spite of that we may think we need to have more possessions. Despite leaving this world without the things we think we need, WE still put pressure on ourselves to achieve the kind of ‘success’ that’s deemed by society.
  • Lighten up and play more. Taking yourself too seriously will kill you faster than anything. We’re a pop up on this planet. Countless number of people have walked this planet. Where are they? Live in the moment and focus on your happiness and do whatever it takes to make you happy without hurting someone.

Please feel free to reach out and DM me. My purpose is to help people cultivate calmness, happiness and success. No matter where you find yourself do something today to give yourself the best chance to thrive!

Sending love and hope your way,


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