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Stiff yogis, to conscience subtle movement

What’s up with all the stiff yogis?
I see that you’re stressed you might not make it to your yoga class because it’s your lifeline to sanity so you cut people off to get to the studio in time and get aggressive in order to get your desired mat location.
I see that you take your class and discover a moment of peace, then go right back to the hustle bustle overstimulated lifestyle you’ve created.  I see you and I want to help.
I’ve been this stiff yogi so I understand the pressures, intensity and time constrictions of your life.
I see the type of classes you take – holding postures with intention to unwind and balance, yet unbeknownst to you, you’re creating more tension, locking and stiffness in the body. The very poses you do to unwind are winding you up and blocking your chakras, freezing your pelvis and causing micro tears in your knees and shoulders.
The act of being in class, quieting the space around you and being among a group of a like-minded tribe is what you’re begin fed by – not the act of holding stiff poses for long periods of time.
What if you let your soul sing and body move a bit within the stillness and stiffness of the poses?
Let’s stop trying to be perfect and perfectly still in postures someone else considers proper alignment for everyone and everyBODY.
If a true yoga vinyasa flow is emulating the flow of water, then why wouldn’t we follow the path of least resistance? Why freeze and hold in postures throughout the entire class when the body wants to find movement?
Let’s stop and listen to the individual body and what it’s not asking for… it’s screaming for! Ask yourself if your body wants to hold still and not move for long periods of time?
Aren’t we already doing this on a daily basis in holding stagnant and still in front of our computers and in traffic?
Ask you body what it wants. Does it seek freedom? Let’s listen to the soul that’s tired of being snuffed out. Let’s listen to the mind that wants to    s l o w    d o w n.  Let’s listen to the heart that longs for deep connection with itself, with others and with it’s Divine Creator.
In this listening we discover our individual poses, movements, passions, and dreams.  We feel what’s right for our bodies an discover our correct alignment in our inner knowing. We are our best teachers. Carve out time and give yourself space where you can listen.
This new way, this different style of practicing your yoga creates a reality that embodies happiness, and brings daily joy with ease and grace. Listening to the body and bringing in subtle movement creates an openness that can expand and evolve your practice and your life.

Tags: Filled Under: Latest Blog Posted on: March 27, 2016

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