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What is JAMA?

JAMA (Journey Around Movement & Asana):

JAMA yoga™ inspires you to expand as your own teacher. It’s a continuum of breath, intention and expression that draws from various movement systems and spiritual discoveries.

My signature style of movement meditation is called JAMA; Journey Around Moving your Asana – this cardio yoga with intention demonstrates how transformative soulful movement can be.  We have an unparalleled opportunity to enhance our health and wellbeing when we feel movement meditation – JAMA Yoga in our lives. We embody divine focused inspiration.

Initially the story of JAMA Yoga™ began in secrecy

daily-yogaas I was afraid I was diluting my traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga by integrating a cardio element (plyometrics and dance) training with yoga training.  Chatanya my first master teacher (a monk in Peru) warned me he would disavow me from his teachings IF I integrated dance and fitness training to his Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teachings.

Unsure of how to handle this dilemma, I secretly practiced JAMA Yoga™ (Journey Around Movement & Asana) in private for 2 years. In practicing alone and with private clients, I saw the huge gains and benefits from integrating the practices of Yoga, Fitness and Dance.

JAMA Yoga™ is movement meditation, providing technology for deeper connectivity, relaxation, and strength.

JAMA Yoga™ has now shown to yield powerful life changing results in hundreds of lives. It was obvious the JAMA yoga™ system needed to be used, taught and practiced as a living art form.

My teaching style has evolved as I’ve studied and taught around the world in the USA, Peru, Hawaii, Bali, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Australia, Argentina and Chile.

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