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You CAN Take it With You!

Posted on: November 26, 2015

The Value of Personal Growth and Self-Improving Experiences

We’ve all heard the term, “You can’t take it with you”…While this may be true of material wealth and stuff that we accumulate in life, what about our life experiences?

Growth of the soul is invaluable, not only during our lifetime, but also rippling infinitely beyond. Whether you believe in karma and reincarnation or not, being the best human that you can be, in this lifetime, benefits your life experience, here and NOW, as well as others’ experience of you.

In Western culture, especially in the United States, society has developed (or digressed) into a culture of materialism. We are bombarded in almost every moment with messages to “buy, buy, buy” – being constantly convinced that this or that thing will make us happier, more fulfilled, more desirable, more (fill in the blank!). But, time and again, “retail therapy” just doesn’t provide what we were seeking, or does so only fleetingly.

True happiness comes from feeling fulfilled and at peace on a soul level. What we learn and gain in this realm is everlasting, and cannot be taken away. Better yet, the more we enrich ourselves on a deep soul level, the more we have to share with others, especially those we love.

5 ways to enrich your soul:

  • Take on a regular meditation practice –
  • Take a course or workshop in something that’s always interested you
  • Exercise regularly
  • Save that money that you were going to spend on a new flatscreen TV – take yourself on a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel
  • Keep a journal where you can reflect upon your daily life


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