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living with awareness is JAMA yoga

Posted on: September 28, 2016

To me, many things can be a yoga practice for example, jumping into the ocean, sitting still for pranayam, athletics, sailing, riding a motorcycle, etc. and yet sometimes the day to day challenges of bills, errands and negative people are my most ultimate yoga practice. The journey around connecting my highest self – my most compassionate reactions, and positive thoughts is my most challenging type of yoga! Some days taking a vinyasa yoga class is the easiest thing I did that day.

I thought whoa yes,  L I F E – what an epic journey around movement of posture, position and attitude in this world! I put this simple conscious awareness into practice and found myself shifting rapidly toward happier experiences. In fact, I’ll share that I truly reinvented myself through this JAMA practice – a Journey Around Movement + Asana (position).

When we’re faced with these challenging situations, and negative people that pop up into our lives (or set up camp), it can automatically stir up a sh*t storm of painful, or limiting thought patterns. Riiight?! It’s unfortunate, but true.

To me yoga is making an effort to live in a high state of awareness and mindfulness. When I sense myself kicking up dust as the storm hits, I just create less visibility. Versus, if I become still and be patient until the storm passes, it creates insight and understanding and I actually gleen lessons from the sh*t storm!

This is the perfect way to process these autoresponder negative patterns of behavior and thought. This journey around life as a yogi begins with mindfulness of our asana (our position in this world), basically constantly asking ourselves, ‘What is my position in this situation, and how am I reacting to it?”, and “What are the affects of my position (asana) in this situation?”.

This heightened awareness of our impact allow us to roll into ownership of the situation and take responsibility for seeking our most positive outlooks and feelings despite the barriers.

Whatever I find myself doing, whether it’s a hobby, work or something in-between… the FIRST thing is mindfulness; bringing it into the moment, and taking the situation into a state of current awareness with no anticipation into the future.

As we take note of our reactions (thoughts, verbal and physical responses), our behavior becomes more acute and astute, our minds become more controllable, vs the uncontrollable and this mindful thought process draws us into the here and now. As humans, we all have this heightened awareness within us, once we start practicing it, we realize how to create more peace during conflict and compassion in the midst of challenging times. We can change our reactions or behaviors to align to be positive with positive outcomes. When the outcome is not ideal, we can control how we see it and react to it by taking a moment to bring a deeper connected awareness to life’s JAMA (journey around movement + asana)!

JAMA has unintentionally created not only a way of life for myself in yoga, dance and mediation, but with curiosity from my students …

JAMA yoga outsidemovement-mediation

JAMA has grown into a unique style of yoga, creating a successful life of it’s own to be shared and practiced by whomever it resonates with!

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