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Nicole is a San Diego Yoga Teacher & Corporate Wellness Executive. She is available for consultations, private bookings, & offers yoga adventure retreats.


Private Instruction: Fuse your favorite regimens, achieve optimal mind-body fitness, help heal injuries and reach your fullest potential.

JAMA Yoga ~ Strength lifting ~ Dance ~ Pilates ~ Cardio Dance ~ Pilates ~ Plyometrics ~ Yoga

You can experience a personalized effective and fun program that will improve your performance in overall wellness and focus. Join a semi-private or private class. * Beach * Park * Local gym/Condo

Personal Training Testimonials:
“I saw results in three weeks of training and now after two months, I have my abs back..I can see the ‘six pack’ I lost in college. ”
Bryant M. strength training client

“Every session involved a fun and challenging workout that burned calories hours after a Yoga Boot Camp classes. I reduced body fat and increased my energy level after three weeks!” Dan C. yoga and cardio box client

We would like to welcome you to be our guest – free of charge to your second group Learn Pure session whether it’s Dance, Yoga, Meditation Consulting, or Boot camp.

Learn Pure welcomes all ages and abilities.

There are 4 components in every class:

  1. Warm Up– Ujayi Pranayama (breath work), set mantra/intention and various mind/body opening movements.
  2. Prana Flow– Relaxed movement meditation. Synchronizing movement to breath + music (cardiovascular element offered).
  3. Balance – Each individual will be challenged at their level of balance as we technically flow to inversions or arm balances.
  4. Relaxation– A meditation and breath work journey creating rejuvenation.

We want to inspire you so that you can achieve new levels of self belief and perseverance. These new experiences can help you address your personal life challenges with a clearer mind.


* Private of 1 to 2 people 95.00/hr.
* Private Lessons can pre-pay 10 sessions at 75.00/hr.  Private includes; custom video and technique critique, a USB with specific music CD/download and a personalized wellness plan.                                           * Party of 10 or more starts at minimum of 299/hr.

If you’d like to schedule a private lesson with Nicole, get in touch for more information –

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