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“There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.” ~Edwin Denby

Introduction & Teaching Style

Regardless of your experience as a dancer, my hope is that our time spent together be a fun and soul opening experience.

The goal is to have fun as the beat takes you away! Learn in a pure way how to better express yourself through dance.

Do you want to learn the grace and romance of Tango, the rugged edge of Hip Hop, the smoothness of Lyrical, the fundamentals of Jazz & Ballet, the athleticism of Brazilian Capoiera, the explicit stories expressed in Polynesian & Tahitian dance, the carefree style of Swing, or the sensuality of Salsa?

Come Shake Your Boo-tay  from Beginning to Advanced

~PRIVATE instruction available~

  • Latin Dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Tango, Samba etc.)
  • JAMA Dance
  • Bellydancing
  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Poi
  • Contemporary
  • Bellydancing
  • African
  • Fox Trot
  • Waltz

$15 pre pay, or $20 drop in. You are invited to our all levels group classes. (Yes, even people w/ two left feet!)



We teach all styles and levels;

Show your special connection to your beloved through a dance that feels comfortable and demonstrates your chemistry. You don’t want to step on her toes, or do the 8th grade barely move dance on ‘your BIG Day’.
* Private of one to two people is 95.00/hr.
* Private pre-pay 10 sessions discounted to 65.00/hr.  * Private includes; custom video and technique critique, specific music CD/download and personalized wellness plan.

  • Group monthly/weekly drop in 1 hr, $20 each.
  • Performance or Talk depends on event (ranges from $100-3000)

Dance Bio

TEDx talk and dance performance 2014

nicole barrote

nicole barrote


Trained at University of Oregon in ballet, hip hop, modern and jazz. Following college, I sought more exotic dances in various countries. Learned cultural dances like: Salsa (in MX, Puerto Rico, Peru, Argentina, Chile & Spain), Drum dancing (in Jamaica), Poi (in Guam), Tango (Buenos Aires) and Tahisian hula (in Hawaii). I love and appreciate every type of dance. My biggest dilemma is deciding which dance to focus on!
Recently the Latin dances, especially Salsa have been my focus. I moved to San Diego to work professionally and be near some of the best Latin dancers in the world. Living in S.D. has given me the opportunity to collaborate, work and compete with accomplished dancers and develop new dance choreography, specific to styling.
I continue to seek new experiences that help me become a better student, teacher and performer!

There is a dance community in every town – San Diego has one of the best. I invite everyone to come and experience Salsa dancing in a relaxed and enjoyable environment where beginners and more experienced dancers feel welcomed and encouraged.

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