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organic Tea Tree

Organic Jubilee Tea Tree


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Product Description

Organic Jubilee Tea Tree is in the Peppermint bottle. It’s 1 part Tea Tree to 2 Parts Peppermint. This is an all-purpose product. YEY to efficiencies!

One mist of Jubilee Organics and it immediately invites you to take a deep cleansing breath (Ujjayi Pranayama), opening your lungs/sinuses. This is just the beginning. This blend of multiple essential oils soothes muscles and joints, relieving muscle cramps and pain for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Yogis, Athletes, Chiropractors, swear by this product. Jubilee Organics is sold in; Medical Spas, Private Practices, Hotels, Organic Markets and Yoga Studios. Doctors use this proprietary blend to relieve pain for their patients, cleanse their space and office.

“It’s a therapeutic experience!” says Dr. Jay Warren at Warren Wellness in San Diego, Ca.

‘My nurses and entire staff personally use Jubilee for their body aches, pains and sanitizing’, reports Dr. Kelly Austin, founder of Dr. Kelly Wellness Center in multiple locations in California.

“I introduced my P.T. to it because it was the only product that helped temporarily relieve my rheumatoid arthritis pain. I love it!” Karen Soater, CPA

Uses: Jubilee Tea tree will relax the body, neutralize odor causing bacteria in the air, your shoes, car, linens, freshen hamper, etc. Jubilee! will deodorize a room and increase your vibration! Every spray is safe and gentle (just keep it away from the eyes).

– There is no alcohol, nor emulsifiers in this cleanser (which tent to dry your skin, and disintegrate your yoga mat). –

Jubilee Tea Tree is an organic, plant-based solution without the use of harsh Alcohol that damages and eats away at anything you spray. Mist your body, exercise equipment and bathroom.

Take a DEEP breath of cool aromatherapy and relax as it cleanses your skin (and anything else you choose to disinfect)!


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