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My daily meditations help me beyond measure.

Choose An Ideal Meditation Style

I practice going to my ‘happy place’ on a daily basis. 💫I prioritize meditating because it brings me peace  and when I choose the ideal style of meditation for the situation I’m in, another dimension to reality is unveiled. 💫Whether I’m presenting on a conference call, or on vacation with my family, I practice THE relaxation techniques that meet me where I am (physically and emotionally). 💫

I use meditation to reduce my anxiety because it is proven to reduce stress and I see evidence of this in my practice. I’m curious, where YOU are in your meditation practice?

If you’ve;
🌕never tried meditation, or

🌕you’ve been neglecting your meditation practice, or

🌕plan on diving deeper into meditation, CONSIDER a supported 30 day Guided Meditation Course. 🌟

My intention is for you to integrate meditation into your daily life and life circumstances so you can be more present in the moment. Can you identify situations and experiences that would benefit from the aid of meditation? What if you have the skills needed to drop into meditation and choose the ideal meditation style for your state of mind, body, and environment?

Click on this link to join a supportive and deeply calming experience : MEDITATION COURSE ❤️

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