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Dancing with PASSION

Posted on: November 26, 2015

Dance is such a pure form of communication, crossing cultures, religions, race, sex, age, & shyness levels! I don’t speak Indonesian (yet) and they don’t speak English (yet), however we understood one another perfectly.

I helped create an afterschool volunteer dance yoga program in Bali and as I’m teaching class, we transition from a JAMA yoga class, to a Salsa class. We begin dancing and I think I’m dancing with passion until I look up and see this brown and white sea of moving bodies – young Balinese faces and sly witty grins expressing so much LOVE for dancing that I can barely contain the wave of happy tears welling up!

It felt as though they were telling me, ‘yes – teach me what you know b/c I can dance this fun dance you call ‘Salsa’, and anything else you show me!’

Thank you Dewa for representing a free after school program for these kids, for teaching them the beauty and discipline of yoga, and for inviting me to teach JAMA yoga dance Learn Pure yoga, dance and fitness services with Jubilee Organics products

I absolutely love teaching these kids, every week they cheer for more Salsa dance moves, like I’m giving them a week off school, or bags candy!

Feeling appreciated and have been reminded about what my level of passion used to be around dance.

Dance on my friends!

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