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Lighten up your lifestyle

Posted on: November 26, 2015

How can you lighten up your lifestyle? Start with making healthy eating decisions and don’t eat fast food. Your internal and external health is reliant upon the fuel you put into your system. Here are some suggestions to assist you with immediate lifestyle shifts.

1) Take liquid and/or chewable vitamins& you’ll reap big benefits! Those who take a daily multivitamin or mineral supplement have reductions in the risk of cancer and heart disease. The absorbability of folic acid in your multi is almost twice as easy for your body to absorb vs folic acid in food. is a GREAT resource which I use for most my vitamins and supplements.

 2) Get a large glass water container, put a 8oz cup on your desk, pour and drink throughout the day! Only 1/3 of all Americans drink the recommended basic eight glasses of daily water.  Fatigue upon awakening, fatigue at midday, lack of concentration, and headaches are just some signs of slight dehydration…sound familiar? If ya think falling a little short of 8oz a day isn’t a big deal, try increasing what you’re consuming and see results for yourself – enjoy!

3) Eating daily 7 grain cereal or oats (Coach’s choice at costco) is your easiest chance to get lots of fiber in a small package. Fiber is a kick ass cancer fighter, plus it actually cancels out some of the calories you consume! YES PLEASE! Let me break it down, say you eat 30 g of fiber a day (which is more than what you probably consume), your body will absorb 120 fewer calories per day and this can be up to a 13-kb weight loss within a year!

4) Get a wake up call – that will strengthen your bones! Toss some almond milk in your Coffee. If you make instant coffee with hot water, steam a little almond or soy milk and you’ve got cappuccino or a fancy cafe au lait! … along with peace of mind you’re fighting against osteoporosis w/ increased calcium and vit D.

5) Slow down your aging clock by buying organic blueberries (or non organic if you’re on a budget).Pixabay photographer julenka blueberries-184448_1920Freeze some of them so these precious nuggets don’t go bad and drop these brilliant berries on your cereal daily. These guys are so packed with antioxidants that a lil 1/2 cup has 2x’s the antioxidant power than the average consumption.

This information is based upon studies done on both humans and animals. The data is generally agreed upon by nutrition practitioners and understood as accurate. I enjoy my studies and I’m happy to share my resources with you – just message me :))

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